Below are the following services EdGapClosers provides. For more detailed information of each click on the individual page. Pricing information is provided per request through email on the contact page.

Khadeejah Smith’s instructional expertise extends from early elementary through high school where she has experience teaching at all levels. Although she loves instructional learning in all academic areas she provides coaching for:

Math: Math foundations PreK-12, Making Fractions Fun K-8, Making Meaning of Algebraic Concepts 6-12 (1 Hour each)

School/Classroom Culture (1-2 Hours)

Building Positive Relationships that Impact Management (2-3Hours)

Khadeejah Smith truly believes parent/guardian engagement drastically impacts a Childs achievement in school. She holds to the truth that bridging the learning between home and school will foster connections with children that make learning relevant and authentic. Khadeejah Smith provides a 2-3 hour training that involves the teacher and administrator around, Building Impactful Relationships with Parents that Increase Student Achievement.

Khadeejah began G.R.I.T. Vlog inspired by the work of Angela Duckworth to provide parents with activities and tools that encourage Grit, Real-World connections, Independence and Critical Thinking. All skills that are missing for typical education settings however, are necessary for generation ‘Z’ children.